Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safari takes you to Africa’s finest safari destination with vast and a fascinating landscapes. An unparalleled a quarter of the land mass is mainly set aside as protected areas. Its endowed with thousands upon thousands of wildebeest that march in mindless unison during the annual migration through the Serengeti plains.
Serengeti is a Maasai word that means endless plains, the park stretches to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Tanzania Safari gives you an opportunity view families of elephants wading across the open plains and woodlands, muddy Rufiji /Tarangire River.
In addition, Tanzania safari to the southern will take you to a home to African endangered African hunting dogs. The dogs comprise of three-quarters of the entire world population.



A pride of well-fed lions cannot be forgotten when taking Tanzania Safari as they basking on the grassy floor of the majestic Ngorongoro Crater and the tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara their vintage point in their hunting. Just by mentioning Ngorongoro Crater is the only crater in the World inactive, intact, and unfilled volcanic caldera that permits game drives with an area of 260 kilometer square. It’s escarpment offer a breathtaking moments as you descend on the floor. The features of Mt Kilimanjaro cannot be ignored – the only highest free standing mountain in Africa also known as the “Roof of Africa” it stands at 5895 meters above sea level.

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